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Employment Visa Procedures for person who is having 6 months Ban-UAE

How to get Employment Visa during ban period?

One year ban

Employees holding professions which do not require certificate (like Labour, sales, Driver, Mason, Carpenter...) will get one year ban if he/she didn't complete six months with the employer. This is applicable for limited and unlimited contract. This ban cannot be lifted. If you resign after completion of six months, you can get another
Work Permit if you follow below mentioned conditions.*

Six months ban
If your profession is secondary or higher level and if you resign before completion of six months under unlimited contract, you will get six months ban. But you can get another Work Permit if you follow below mentioned conditions.*

* The above mentioned ban can be lifted without any charges or NOC from the employer if the employee managed to get a new job opportunity, taking into account that the salary of such worker with the new company shall be in accordance with the skill level specified by the Ministry of Human Resource and Emiratisation:

1- First skill level: which means that if the employee is having university degree and above, his salary with the new company shall not be less than Dh12,000. Professions include: Manager, Engineer, Doctor, Teacher, Accountant, Accounts Clerk, Marketing Specialist, Quantity Surveyor, Draughtsman, Executive Secretary, Pharmacist, Administration Officer, Reservation Officer, Safety Officer, Public Relations Officer, Computer Operator, Advertising Designer, Graphic Arts Draughtsman etc. Click here for the list of professions.

2- Second skill level: if the employee is having diploma, his salary with the new company shall not be less than Dh7,000. This category includes Technical and Mechanical related professions.

3- Third skill level: if the employee is having High School / Higher Secondary Certificate, his salary with the new company shall not be less than Dh5,000. Professions include: Sales Executive, Sales Representative, Sales Supervisor, Site Supervisor, Administration Clerk, Correspondence Clerk, Customs Clearing Clerk, Ticketing Clerk, Cash Desk Clerk,  Receptionist, Cashier, Store Keeper, Tourist Guide etc. No need attestation for Secondary / Higher Secondary Certificates. Click here for the list of professions.

If these three skills have not been met by the employee, he may not lift the ban and he/she shall wait until the completion of the ban period and then he/she may work with a new sponsor.

Above mentioned salary can be in total. It is not necessary to put as basic salary. New profession must be compatible with educational certificate. For secondary certificate holder, the new profession code shall end with 0000003.

Free Zones: The above conditions are not applicable for government / Semi-government / Free zone, Investor/Partner, Family and House servant visa.

Visit Visa During Ban Period
If you are undergoing an employment ban, you can visit the UAE but cannot be employed until the employment ban has been lifted/expired. But if you are imposed with an immigration ban, you cannot enter the UAE.

An employee must work for at least six months with an employer to avoid an employment ban from a mainland company, even though your termination is mutually agreed with your employer.

Article 1(I) 2 (if limited contract) and (II) 1 (if unlimited contract) of Ministerial Decree 766 of 2015 regarding Rules and Conditions for granting a permit to a worker for employment by a new employer which states that: "The worker and employer mutually consent to terminate the contract during the course of its term, provided the worker has completed a period of no less than six months with the employer; the latter provision is waived for workers that qualify for skill levels 1, 2 and 3, as per the ministry's classification."

Certain professionals are exempted
(b) Certain professionals are exempted from imposition of an employment ban during change of employment from one employer to another. This is in accordance with Article 2 of the Ministerial Order No. 13 of 1991 on 'The organisation of the transfer of sponsorships of non-national employees the rules governing the same', which states: "Non-national employees may be allowed to transfer one job to another and hence transfer of their sponsorship if they fall under the following categories:
(a) Engineers
(b) Doctors, pharmacists and male and female nurses
(c) Agricultural guides
(d) Qualified accountants and acc-ount auditors
(e) Qualified administrative officials
(f) Technicians operating on electronic equipment and laboratories
(g) Drivers who are licensed to drive heavy vehicles and houses."
Based on the foregoing your prospective employer may apply for lifting the employment ban.

NOC for Removing Six month ban (Termination Letter Required)

Follow these steps: Get NOC in Arabic on previous company's letter head, get seal and signature by the authorized signatory whose signature is shown in Labour Establishment Card, attach your termination letter and copy of Labour Establishment Card. Get offer letter in Arabic on new company's letter head, Seal and Signature by authorized signatory, attach copy of Labour Establishment Card and License. Prepare a personal request letter in Arabic to remove the ban and sign by you. Take all these documents  to Tas'heel Centre and they will make a covering letter (MB#) with envelope. Pack all these documents and submit at Ministry of Labour, Qusais. You can track the status through www.mohre.gov.ae. If it is approved, you can apply for new visa.

Employment Visa Cost Break-up and Procedures






Typing charge extra. Typing at Tas'heel Centre

Type Offer Letter from Tas'heel Centre and get signature and Thump Impression from the Proposed Employee. If the employee is out of UAE, mail the letter and get scanned copy of signature page.


Documents Required: Passport copy of employee, Photo, Profession, Salary Details and Original Signature Card of the Authorized Signatory, Trade License and Labour Establishment Card Copy.



Documents Required: Offer Letter with Company Seal/Sign and Employee's Sign plus All documents mentioned in the above column.

(Pay at Tas'heel Centre)


2053 Second Category 2-C
653 Second Category 2-A
1553 Second Category 2-B
5053 Third Category
353 First Category



Commission varies depends on Bank. No commission at Al Masraf and NBQ. Bank Guarantee facility available with AAFAQ inside Tas’heel Centre

Can be paid at Typing Centre


1060 If the person is inside UAE
510 For visa position amendment Typing charge extra



Amount varies depends on Hospital

EMIRATES ID (2 years)


Can be typed from Typing Centre

Can be typed from Typing Centre if your Company eDNRD User ID and Password.


100 Extra for Urgent. Typing charge extra



To be typed and submitted at Tas'heel Centre

TOTAL (Approximate)


Amount varies depends on Company Category

If the Company Category is 2-B Total: 6299
If the Company Category is 2-C Total: 6799
If the person is inside UAE, Add for Status Change without exit

For E-quota Application

Copy of Trade License, Labour Establishment Card & Ejari.


For Work Permit Application

Passport Copy, one photo with white background,
Attested Certificate Copy for certain professions (no need attestation for Secondary Certificates), Trade Licence Copy, Labour Establishment Card Copy, Offer letter signed by employee, Profession + Salary with allowance (if any), GCC Driving License copy for Driver Visa application (Vehicle list from RTA also to be attached for Driver Visa), Sponsor's E-signature Card.

After Entry

Two Photographs for Medical Test (white background)

ONE Photograph (white background) for Visa Stamping

One Photograph (white background) for Labour Card/Contract

Steps to follow

Quota: Type e-quota application from Tas'heel Centre.

Documents required for e-quota: Copy of Trade License, Labour Establishment Card and Tenancy Contract (Ejari).
• Project Agreements to be scanned for Contracting Companies.
• Number of required workers, Gender and profession to be mentioned. Dh53 should be paid for Quota request application at Tas'heel Centre and Dh2 for Labour Envelope.
Original e-signature card of the authorized signatory is must to complete employment visa process.

Pay Quota Approval Fee: Wait for payment request which will come online within 10 minutes. Dh200 to be paid for each worker (Dh53 Service charge extra). Quota Approval will come after 24 hours.

Type Work Permit application: Passport copy of Employee, Photo and Certificate (For certain professions. No need attestation for Secondary Certificates) are required. Dh53 to be paid at Tas'heel Centre. Work Permit Approval will come after two days.

Pay Bank Guarantee: (Dh3000 for each) at Bank or Exchange. No commission at Al Masraf and UAQ Banks. You can pay at Aafaq Islamic finance company also. It has branch at Tas'heel Centre. If you have any excess bank guarantee with Ministry of Labour, then no need to pay bank guarantee for the new application. Bank guarantee is refundable after employee's visa cancellation.

Pay Labour Card Fee as per the company category (2A Dh653 / 2B Dh1553 / 2C Dh2053).

Pay Immigration Fee through eDNRD online. Fee: Dh370 for each visa (typing charge extra). Your company should have eDNRD account to apply for eVISA. 

E-Dirham: Payment should be made through E-Dirham Card at Thas'heel Centre. You can Buy E-Dirham Card from any branch of National Bank of Abu Dhabi or from Aafaq Islamic Finance Company found at Thas'heel branches.

Minimum Age
requirement for applying employment visa: 18, and Maximum: 65.

IF THE APPLICANT ON VISIT/TOURIST VISA: If the visa holder is inside the country on Visit / Tourist Visa, type Visa Position Amendment form and pay Dh510 at Typing Centre (Typing charge extra) after issued the new employment visa.

Tourist visa holder also can can change visa inside country without exit.

SHARJAH: Employment visa will not be issued in Sharjah if the applicant is on Tourist Visa. He must exit first.

Type Medical and
Emirates ID application and first go for Medical Test and then for Emirates ID fingerprint (if required). Medical Fee: Dh270+Typing charge (Normal), Emirates ID: Dh270 (two years).
After receiving Medical Certificate, type Labour Contract from Tas'heel Centre.  Fee: Dh53.

Get seal and signature of the sponsor and employee on the Labour Contract and submit through Tas'heel Centre. Submission Fee: Dh40.

Submit visa Stamping form through typing centre: Fee Dh370+Typing charge. You should have your company User ID and Password for visa transactions.

After online submission, Zajel courier will collect the passport and attachments from Typing Centre or your office.
You should wait for online approval before calling Zajel.  After visa stamping they will deliver passport to your office after two days.
Urgent: If you choose urgent visa stamping, pay Dh100 extra through online at the time of submission and take the passport to Immigration branch to stamp the visa same time. You should wait for online approval before going to Immigration. Security approval takes time depends on nationality.

Labour Card and Labour Contract within 24 Hours: If you pay Dh53 extra at the time of contract submission, you can collect your Labour Contract from the same Tas'heel Centre within 24 hours. Or you can print your
e-Contract and e-Labour card from www.mohre.gov.ae.

In future, if you need your Labour Contract for family visa or other purpose, you can go to Tas'heel Centre and pay there Dh53 or from Typing Centre. Passport copy is enough for this purpose.

WORK PERMIT EXTENSION: Work Permit is renewable every 10 days upon payment of Dh500 each time for a maximum of six times calculated from the date of expiry of its initial or renewed term. Service available at
Tas'heel Centre.

To prepare your Employment Visa application; call

Qusais (Damascus St): 04-258 6727, 054-300 5931

Naif (Deira): 04-259 6260, 050-538 3545

Qusais (Al Nahda-2): 04-239 1302

Address of Tas'heel Centers in Dubai
Al Nukhba Business Centre

Matar Plaza, Qusais, Near Mai Tower
Tel. 04-259 9990
Immigration & Economic (DED) Counters also available

Estemarat Services
Muraqabat Street, Opp. Coral Deira Hotel
Tel. 04-704 4900
Economic (DED) Service also available

OnTime Business Solutions
Oud Metha Road
Tel. 04-397 7776
Economic (DED) & Ejari Service also available

Itqan Businessmen Services

Opp. Al Mulla Plaza, Tel. 04-232 7333
Economic (DED) Service also available

Tas'heel Business Centre
Ground Floor, Al Tawar Centre
Tel. 04-263 5588
Economic (DED) Service also available

Al Reaya Services
Near Oasis Centre
Sheikh Zayed Road
Tel. 04-346 7991

Mu'amala Businessmen Service Center
First Floor, Hyat Regency Hotel, Near Shindaga Tunnel, Dubai
Tel. 04-250 5566

DXB Businessmen Services
First Floor, Al Khail Mall, Al Qouze-4, Dubai
Tel. 04-321 3000

Tas'heel Centre Timing: Saturday to Thursday 7:30am to 7:00pm
Tel. 04-283 8800

Ministry of Labour, Qusais, Dubai 
Timing: Saturday to Thursday 7:30am to 7:00pm
Call Centre: 800 665
Website: www.mol.gov.ae

Payment should be made through E-Dirham Card at Thas'heel Centre. You can Buy E-Dirham Card from any branch of National Bank of Abu Dhabi or from Aafaq Islamic Finance Company found at Thas'heel branches. Card price: Dh6, Recharge Fee: Dh4.

Frequently Asked Questions
NOC for Removing Six month ban (Termination Letter Required)
Q: I didn't complete two years with my last employer. I was terminated and I got six month ban at the time of cancellation. My previous employer is ready to issue No Objection Certificate to remove my ban and I got a job offer with another company. Can I approach Ministry of Labour to remove my six months ban?
A: Yes. You have to follow these steps: Get Termination Letter on previous company's letter head, get seal and signature by the authorized signatory whose signature is shown in Labour Establishment Card, attach copy of their Labour Establishment Card. Get offer letter in Arabic on new company's letter head, Seal and Signature by authorized signatory, attach copy of Labour Establishment Card and License. Prepare a personal request letter in Arabic to remove the ban and sign by you.
Take all these documents to Tas'heel Centre and they will submit your application online. Fee: Dh15. No need to go to Ministry of Labour this time. You will get SMS from the Ministry after one week to attend there. Keep all the above documents with you when you go to the Ministry. After verifying your supporting documents, Ministry will remove ban and you can apply for new visa.
You can track your application status through www.mohre.gov.ae. If delays, you can go to Ministry and request them to speed up the process.
Ministry of Labour Office: Qusais, Dubai. Nearest Metro: Qusais. Call Centre: 800 665

I worked for a company under my husband's sponsorship and quit the job after 18 months. During the cancellation of my labour card, I came to know that I was imposed a ban for one year. Does it mean that I cannot accept a job until a year is over? Is there a ban for women working under husband's sponsorship? And what is the best possible way to lift the ban and start working again?

A: It is noted that you have been imposed a labour ban as you had terminated your employment of your own volition after 18 months of service.
Pursuant to your question it may be noted that upon imposition of a labour ban, a new work permit is not issued by the Ministry of Labour for the period that the ban remains operative. As in your case, the employment ban is for a duration of one year, a new work permit may not be issued to you for the same period.

However, it may be noted that employment ban may be lifted if you are being offered a salary which corresponds to your educational qualifications. This is in accordance with the provisions of Article 4 of the of the Ministerial Resolution No (1186) for 2010 on - "Rules and Conditions of Granting a New Work Permit to an Employee after Termination of the Work Relationship in Order to Move from One Establishment to another" which read as follows:

"As an exception to the provision of Item No. (2) of Article (2) of this Resolution, the Ministry may issue a work permit to the employee without requiring the two year period in the following cases:

a. In the event that the employee is starting his new position at the first, second or third professional levels after fulfilling the conditions for joining any of these levels according to the rules in force at the Ministry, and provided that his new wage is not less than Dh12,000 at the first professional level, Dh7,000 at the second professional level and Dh5,000 at the third professional level.

b. In the event that the employer violates his legally stipulated obligations to the employee, or in the event that the employee is not the cause for terminating the work relationship as mentioned in Article (3) of this Resolution.

c. In the event that the employee moves to another establishment owned solely or jointly by the same employer."

Pursuant to the foregoing, if you are holding a bachelors' degree which is duly registered and attested in accordance with the prevailing regulations of the UAE, then in accordance with your educational credentials you must be offered a minimum salary of Dh12,000 in your subsequent employment.

Further it may be noted that a letter of no-objection from your previous employer for you to join another employer, would have been effective if the same was submitted at the time of cancellation of your employment contract. However, since the employment ban is already in place, a letter of no-objection from your employer may not be effective any longer.

Subsequently, it may be noted that labour bans may also be imposed on women residing in the UAE under their husbands' visa sponsorship, if they seek to terminate an existing employment contract before the completion of two years of continuous employment.

The resolution of your problem would be to secure an employment where you are being offered a salary, which corresponds, to your educational qualification as stated hereinabove. Alternatively, it is learnt that labour bans are usually not effective within the jurisdiction of the various free zones operating in the UAE. Pursuant to this you may also look for prospective employment in any of the free zones, or with an entity, which may provide you with a free zone visa sponsorship. (KT)

I entered on new Employment Visa one month ago. I did not do my medical, Emirates ID and visa stamping. I want to cancel my visa. Will I get six months ban in this situation?
A: Yes, you will get six months ban once you entered on employment visa and cancelled before completion of two years. This is applicable for probation period also. But you can get another employment visa during the ban period, if you meet the above mentioned salary criteria.

My Labour Card expired this week but Visa will expire by end of next month. Will I get six months ban if I cancel now?
No. You need to complete only Labour Card period. Visa may be expiring after one month. That will not cause to put ban.

I work as a mechanical engineer in Abu Dhabi. I have completed nine months in service. I am planning to change my job. I received a better job offer from a Jebel Ali Free Zone Company. I have not completed two years in service. Will a six-month labour ban be enforced even if the new job is in a free zone company? Is there a way to lift the ban?

A: Since you have not completed two years with your current employer, a ban for the period of six months will be automatically imposed on you by the Ministry of Labour.
Furthermore, avoiding a ban does not depend upon the designation of employment; rather it depends upon the qualification and the new salary offered.
If your qualification and new salary offered falls under any of the below categories as mentioned in the Cabinet Resolution No 25 of 2010 regarding internal work permit at the Ministry of Labour, then, you may join your new job without any ban. The cabinet Resolutions states:
In order to remove the ban, an employee must prove qualifications by presenting a duly attested educational certificate as mentioned herein:
i) If an employee holds a university degree (master), and earns a minimum of Dh12,000 per month;
ii) If an employee holds a Diploma (post secondary) and earns a minimum of Dh7,000 per month; and
(iii) If an employee has passed high school and earns a minimum of Dh5,000 per month. (KT)

Q: If I didn't complete complete contract period will I get ban?
A: If you didn't complete two years with current employer you will get six month ban. To know how to get Employment Visa during ban period, please read from top of this page.

Q: Can I apply visa in Free Zone during ban period?
A: If your ban was put for six months by Ministry of Labour, you can apply for Employment Visa in Free Zone.

Q: Do I need exit to change my visa to another company?
A: You can change visa inside country without exit if your previous employer can give your passport for Status Change. If they insist you to exit you must go out.

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Tags: what is the new rule about UAE labour ban? I didn't complete two years with my current sponsor and I want change my visa, will I get ban? How can I lift labour ban? Is there any option to remove ban by paying extra fees? I am on probation period and I want to resign from the company, will I get six months ban? I came on employment visa last week, my visa still not stamped and I want to leave the job, will I get ban? I completed one year with my present company, they asked me to search for another job and they are ready to give me NOC, can I get new visa? Can I lift my labour ban if I get NOC from my previous sponsor? Can I remove labour ban if I get more salary with new company? What is the salary criteria when I apply for work permit during ban period? Will my labour ban affect if I get job in free zone? I am a graduate, how much salary should I put when I apply for employment visa during ban period? I don't have any education certificate, can I remove my labour ban if I get more salary with new company? Can I get investor/partner visa during labour ban? Where should I submit my application for labour ban removal?


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