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Housemaid Recruitment from India to UAE (Visa & Indian Consulate Procedures)

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What are the procedures to bring Indian Housemaid to Dubai/Abu Dhabi, UAE?

An expatriate can sponsor a housemaid if the following conditions are met:

Salary: Sponsor's monthly salary should not be less than Dh25,000.

Yearly Fees:
Sponsor should pay Dh5850 as an annual fee at Immigration Department. Payment through Tadbeer Centre. (every year to be repeated. including typing charge).

+ The Sponsor should be a resident in the UAE living with his/her family

Entry Permit Visa Application Fee (If the maid is inside UAE) Dh3500
This amount includes entry visa fee, inside country fee and Dh2000 deposit.
+ Status change fee: Dh720.

+ If the maid is out of UAE at the time application: Dh2850.

+ Application should be typed and submitted through Tadbeer Centre.

File opening charge: Dh303 should be paid through typing centre. 
Age Criteria: Proposed Maid's age should not be less than 30 years. This the rule of Indian Consulate.
As per the rule of MOHRE, If the maid's age is above 60, a manual application should be filled in Arabic by the sponsor and attach it with the online application to exempt from the age limit. This is applicable at the time of renewal also.
Deposit at Indian Consulate/Embassy: Dh9200 to be deposited at Indian Consulate after you got visa issued from UAE Immigration. This amount is refundable after maid's visa cancellation. Deposit and contract attestation from IVS required for ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport holders only. Attestation fee at IVS: Dh170.

+ Medical Insurance should be renewed yearly. Approximate Dh589 per year.

e-Migrate System:
Individuals sponsoring housemaid should register in e-Migrate system of Ministry of External Affairs to get Emigration clearance from India. This registration is required for all types of passport holders. read more

No Relation: The housemaid and the Sponsor/spouse should not be related. You should make Non Relation Affidavit from Indian Consulate Attestation Centre; IVS.
No Relation Certificate (Affidavit) from Indian Embassy / Consulate is must if the Maid and sponsor is from India. This certificate is required at Immigration at the time of applying for entry visa. No need No Relation Certificate If the sponsor is different national.

Documents Required for Affidavit: You should show e-Migrate online registration proof at IVS when you go there for Non Relation Affidavit.
+ Original Passport and copy of Sponsor & Spouse
+ Passport copy of maid
+ If the maid has a ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport, No-Relation Affidavit cannot be issued unless the maid is in India. If the maid is in UAE, she needs to be sent back to India. 
+  Maid can be inside UAE at the time of applying for Affidavit if her passport is ECNR (Emigration Check Not Required) status.

+ All affidavits should be typed. Handwritten affidavits will no longer be accepted

If the Maid is inside UAE on Visit Visa / Tourist Visa and if her passport holds ECR (Emigration Check Required), you should make her exit first to apply for Affidavit. Indian Consulate/Embassy will not issue Non-Relation Certificate if the maid is inside UAE with ECR passport.

+ You can get Affidavit while maid is inside UAE, if her passport doesn't hold ECR mark. 

Proposed maid with ECR passport is inside UAE, If you lie that she is out of UAE, and if you didn't do e-Migrate procedures (deposit Dh9200) after her visa get issued, It will make issues latter when she travels to/from India, because Immigration Officer in India can find that you didn't deposit Dh9200 at Indian Consulate/Embassy for this maid.

If the Maid is inside UAE on Visit Visa / Tourist Visa or previous visa cancelled stage, Dh1324 to be paid extra for Status Change in Immigration (Dh680 to issue visa inside the country and Dh644 for status change).

Tourist Visa: Special approval is required to get maid visa from UAE Immigration if she is inside country on Tourist Visa.

FINE Travel/Tourism Agency: It is heard that, fine is imposed on Travel/Tourism agency if any Tourist under their sponsorship, changed status to maid/servant visa.

Medical, Bio-Metric & Entry Visa from India: If the maid is in India, some applicants will get visa approval reference number only from Immigration. Using this reference number, maid has to complete pre-arrival Medical from GAMCA and approach UAE Consulate in Thiruvananthapuram or Embassy in Delhi for bio-metric capture and Entry Visa stamping in the passport. read more

Dubai Immigration Call Centre: 800 5111
- You need to visit the immigration (GDRFA) only if such SMS received. You will receive application status SMS about approval or modification. White colour Visa will be mailed to applicant's E-mail address after approval. If you need pink colour visa, you can visit any GDRFA Dubai branch after receiving approval SMS. No extra fee. Passengers from certain countries need pink colour visa for Emigration clearance.
+ Dh9200 to be deposited at Indian Embassy/Consulate (IVS Global) and Attestation fee: Dh170. Deposit and other Consulate procedures required for ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport holders only. No need Emigration clearance if the maid's age is above 50.

+ Maid below 30 years is not allowed for Emigration permit.

+ Applicant’s personal presence is required at the time of application submission.

+ Maid's minimum salary must be Dh1100 per month.

+ A Mobile Phone with SIM Card should be provided to the Maid on arrival.

+ Return air ticket every year.

+ Nine hours working day.

+ Take the maid to Consulate/Embassy two times for interview: 1. After arrival within two weeks. 2. After visa cancellation before exit.
- All charges, including Deposits, Courier and file opening fees should be paid through Tadbeer Centre at the time of application.

How to Refund maid visa deposit amount from MOHRE?
You can refund through
Tadbeer Centre. The following documents are required.
+ Passport copy of sponsor and maid.
+ Sponsor's Emirates ID copy.

How to change IBAN to refund maid visa deposit?
You can send a mail to update.iban@emaratech.ae to change your bank account number in MOHRE system. Attach the following documents:
+ Application receipt.
+ Bank statement first page with IBAN
(International Bank Account Number)


+ Register in e-Migrate System  read more

For eMigrate registration and online submission, call:

Qusais (Al Nahda-2): 04-239 1302,
055 273 2295, 055-345 7829

Qusais (Al Nahda-2) Behind NMC Hospital: 056-8787641

Hor Al Anz: (Deira): 04-265 8373, 050-715 0562

Bur Dubai: 04-358 6215, 055-9105757

+ Make No relation Certificate from Consulate (This is applicable only if the Maid is from same nationality of the Sponsor). Separate Affidavit to be made for both Sponsor and spouse. Affidavit Fee Dh80 at IVS International. If the sponsor is different national, start from the next step.

+ Take below mentioned original documents to Tadbeer centre and submit application online. White colour Visa will be mailed to applicant's E-mail address after approval. If you need pink colour visa, you can visit any GDRFA Dubai branch after receiving approval SMS. No extra fee. Passengers from some countries need pink colour visa for Emigration clearance.

+ Application  Fee (if the maid is inside UAE): Dh3500 including Dh2000 deposit.
+ Deposit amount can be refunded after Maid's Visa cancellation and exit. If the application got rejected, you can refund this amount to your bank account without visiting Immigration office. Click here to go to refund page.

+ Maid's and Sponsor's passport copy (colour)

+ Colour photograph with white background of Maid and Sponsor each.

+ Original passport of sponsor and spouse (for scanning).

+ Original Emirates ID of sponsor.

+ Original attested marriage Certificate of the sponsor with legal translation in Arabic.

+ Labour Contract copy. You can print Labour Contract from MOHRE website or from Typing Centre.

+  Original Salary Certificate, if the sponsor is a Government/Semi-government/Free zone Employee.

Investor: If the sponsor is an Investor/Partner: Original Court Agreement showing his shareholding, copy of the Trade License and Partners List (for LLC).

Tenancy Contract: Original Tenancy Contract consisting of minimum two bedrooms. It has to be attested through Ejari online system of Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). If you are living out of Dubai, bring Municipality attested Tenancy Contract and Electricity bill.

+ Original Electricity and Water Bill in the name of applicant or spouse.

+ IBAN (International Bank Account Number) of the Sponsor (applicant).
Q: How can I get my IBAN?
A: You can generate it through the concerned bank site.
Emirates NBD

RAK Bank
Dubai Islamic Bank
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

+ Maid's Salary Agreement will be sent to your mail along with her visa. You should mention her salary at the time of typing Entry Permit application.
+ Correction in Maid's Salary: If you want to change the salary or made a mistake in salary amount, take the agreement to Immigration head office, Jafliya (Section 2). Counter staff will issue you a new agreement free of charge.

+ To prepare Maid visa application and eMigrate online registration; call

Qusais (Al Nahda-2): 04-239 1302,
055 273 2295, 055-345 7829

Qusais (Al Nahda-2) Behind NMC Hospital: 056-8787641

Hor Al Anz: (Deira): 04-265 8373, 050-715 0562

Bur Dubai: 04-358 6215, 055-9105757

Qusais (Damascus St): 04-258 6727, 054-300 5931

For Collection & Delivery Service; call  055 273 2295, 055-345 7829

After got visa issued;

+ Get signature from the maid on the salary Agreement. You should send this agreement through mail/courier if the maid is out of UAE and get the signature. This signed agreement is required at the Consulate (IVS) when you go there to make e-Migrate maid contract for the purpose of Emigration clearance.
This procedure is required only if the maid holds ECR (Emigration Check Required) passport.

Take the following documents to IVS Global (Indian Consulate Attestation Centre).
+  Original Visa
+  Salary Agreement issued by UAE Immigration Department and signed by the maid.
+  Passport copy of maid
+  Original passports with copy of sponsor and spouse
+ Deposit: Dh9200. This amount is refundable after maid's visa cancellation and exit. Attestation fee at IVS: Dh170
+  User ID & Password of eMigrate registration

Procedures at IVS

+ IVS staff/typist will enter necessary information to eMigrate system.
+ Original visa and passport copies will be kept there.
+ After two working days you will get approval mail.
+ Go to IVS and collect the attested Visa, Employment contract, Job ID & Job code.
+ Scan and mail this papers to the maid
+ Take insurance, Update in e-Migrate system, Collect Emigration clearance paper from POE, Arrange Ticket & Travel.

We can arrange above procedures at IVS.
Call 055-273 2295

After IVS

+ Now maid / proxy / agent /  can fill the online form and upload the required documents in Emigrant -> Apply for Emigration Clearance for ECR Countries. Follow the instructions shown in the site when you submit the form.

+ Get Emigration clearance paper from Protector of Emigrants (PoE).

Our Package:
After completion of e-Migrate procedures at Indian Consulate/Embassy (IVS) in UAE, we can arrange remaining procedures in India for Emigration clearance which includes documents upload in e-Migrate system, Pravasi Insurance and Emigration clearance paper collection from Protector of Emigrants (PoE). You can mail the required documents to us and transfer the fees to our account. We will mail you Emigration clearance paper after the procedures. No need to visit our office.

This service is available for housemaids and blue collar workers from India.

Address; Dubai: First Gate Business Service,
Al Nahda-2, Qusais, Dubai.
Mob: +971 55-273 2295

+91-95 390 51 386, +91-894 33 28 266
Mail: exploreprocess@gmail.com


Address of Indian Consulate Attestation Centre (IVS)-Dubai
IVS Global Services Private Limited, Business Atrium Building, Office No. 201, 202 on 2nd floor, Opposite Al Nasr Club, Oud Metha, Dubai (Near Prime Supermarket, next to big parking area) Tel: +971 4 357 9585,
Nearest Metro Station: Oud Metha (Green Line).

Abu Dhabi Centre Address: IVS Global Services Centre, Office No. 201, Second Floor, Sector E-25, Plot C-37, Mama's Cup Cake Building, Shaikh Al Nahyan Camp, Muroor Road. The centre is located in the building next to the UAE Red Crescent Office.
: 8:30am to 3:00pm Sunday to Thursday. Tel: +971 2 4456994

After Maid's Arrival

Once the maid arrives through the eMigrate procedure, both the sponsor and the maid have to visit the Consulate for the maid's entry interview, where both the sponsor and the maid are briefed about their do's and don'ts in their preferred choice of language. In the entry interview, it is also explained to the sponsor and the maid that a mobile with a SIM card and a minimum refill of Dh20 has to be provided by the sponsor to the maid.

In case of absconding maids, the sponsor has to file a complaint with the immigration department, and also inform the consulate. If the maid approaches the consulate, then the sponsor is called to resolve the issue. As per local laws, once an absconding report is filed, they will be deported with a life ban.
For Emigrants having ECR passports and going to notified (ECR) countries, they will be given electronic emigration clearance by the Protector of Emigrants (PoE) through the eMigrate system.

Employment visa procedures at UAE Embassy in Delhi & consulate in Thiruvananthapuram-read more

What is meant by notified (ECR) countries?

Notified countries are notified by the Ministry from time to time. These may also be referred to as ECR countries. Currently there are seventeen notified countries identified by MOIA:

1.United Arab Emirates (UAE)
9.Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
13.Saudi Arabia
15.Syrian Arab Republic

This insurance is must to get Immigration clearance from POI. Policy amount: INR 309 (Approx).
Policy coverage: Personal accident covering death & permanent total disability: INR 10,00000. Policy is available through different agencies like Iffco-Tokio General Insurance Co, Reliance..etc.

Click here for the procedures of after entry

• All the above procedures except non-relation affidavit to be completed.

Conditions for Refund of Security Deposit

For refund of the Security Deposit, the following conditions will have to be fulfilled:

+ The Female Household Service Worker (FHSW) should be brought in person to the Consulate General of India (between 1400-1600hrs) for Registration, along with the functional prepaid mobile phone provided to her, within two weeks of her arrival in UAE. Other Documents Required:
- Contract Paper
- Original Passport of the Maid
- Passport copy of Sponsor


+ If the FHSW is sent back to India without clearing her dues then no refund will be made.


+ On termination of the employment contract at any time by mutual consent, the employer along with the FHSW should appear in person in the Consulate General of India and submit a written application for refund of the Security Deposit before the final departure of the FHSW to India.  The FHSW should confirm in writing at the Consulate that all her dues have been settled. Documents required at the time of Exit Interview:
- documentary proof of salary record (bank transfer, purchases etc) paid to FHSW
- Cancellation Paper/document
- Passport of the maid
- Air Ticket


+ Should the FHSW complain of non-receipt of her dues or if the Consulate has to incur any expenditure on her accommodation, food, local transportation, medical treatment etc. and airfare to India, these expenses would be deducted from the Security Deposit and only the balance amount would be refunded.

Timings At Labour & Welfare Section - Indian Consulate, Dubai.
1400-1530 hrs (Ramadan timings: 1400 – 1500hrs) Registration of Housemaids
1400-1530 hrs (Ramadan timings: 1400 – 1500hrs) Cancellation of Registration of Housemaids & submission of application for refund of security deposit

All queries with regard to the recruitment of FHSW from India/refund may be addressed to
Labour & Welfare Office
Phone: 04-3070708 (Direct) / 04-3971333 Ext. 208
E-mail : laboursection@cgidubai.com
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How much is the expense for Maid Visa?
A: Expense before entry: Dh3500, out of which Dh2000 is refundable from Immigration after Maid's visa cancellation.
Expense after entry:
Dh6800 for Medical, ID Visa Stamping and Medical Insurance.
Apart from this,
Dh1400 should be paid for status change if the maid is inside UAE on Visit or Tourist or cancelled visa stage.

Q: Within how many days Maid has to enter UAE from the date of her visa get issued?
A: Within 60 days from the date of issue.

Q: Within how many days Maid has to complete Medical, ID and Visa Stamping?
A: Within 60 days from the date of entry / Status Change.

Q: For how many years Maid visa is stamped?
A: One year if the sponsor is expatriate and two years if the sponsor is UAE national.

Q: How much is the expense for Maid Visa renewal?
A: Dh7040 for Medical, ID Visa Stamping and Medical Insurance..
Dos and don’ts to avoid trouble with maids

+ Give the maid a true picture of what to expect before she comes to work for you. Make her understand she is not coming for a holiday abroad

+ Choose a maid who does not have an ailing husband or small kids back home. They may have genuine concerns and can easily become homesick

+ Wait for a month before you stamp the visa on the passport. That gives you enough time to study her behaviour and commitment to work.

+ Don’t let your housemaid go out unaccompanied for a long period of time. You are inviting trouble.

+ Always keep monthly salary slips and make your maid signs on them on their pay day. You may need to show proof at the embassy (GN).
+ Sharjah Immigration Address:  South of King Faisal Street (take SZR to Sharjah, exit on King Faisal Street, then turn right when you see the big mosque. Go one major block and it is on the corner - turn left and then an immediate right into the district). Tel. No.: 06 572 67 77. Click here for other immigration branch address.
Hiring an Absconding Maid
The person who hires an absconding maid faces a Dh50,000 fine as per Article 34 of the Foreigners' Entry and Residency Law, or otherwise faces a maximum jail term of six months. Absconding maids will be jailed and deported." (The employer will be fined Dh100,000 if he/she hires two such absconders.
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Explore International  +91-95 390 51 386
Maid Visa related Service: After completion of e-Migrate procedures at Indian Consulate/Embassy in UAE, we can arrange remaining procedures for Emigration clearance.
Explore International, Call +91-95 390 51 386



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